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Boston Shaker Glass 46cl


Urban Bar


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The classic Boston Shaker Glass is an essential part of any cocktail set. Designed to fit with any standard Boston shaker tin, this conical glass makes one half of the classic Boston Cocktail Shaker. With a heavyweight design, this shaker glass is perfect for muddling and stirring ingredients as well as shaking. When used with a Boston tin, this clear glass adds a window in to your cocktail shaker. As a mixologist, you can keep an eye on the contents to ensure the drink is perfectly mixed. As an onlooker, you are treated to a visual display of drinks mixing, with flashes of colour appearing through the glass.

Product Features:

  • Classic shaker glass
  • 16oz volume
  • Fits with standard Boston tins
  • Made from soda lime glass
  • Dishwasher safe - see our Glassware Care Guide for more information
Dimension Metric Imperial
Volume 46cl 16.1 UK fl oz
Height 147mm 5.78 inch
Width 88mm 3.46 inch
Depth 88mm 3.46 inch
Rim 88mm 3.46 inch
Base 60mm 2.36 inch
Compatible With:

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