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Retro Fizzio Champagne Glass Coupe 26cl (pack of 6)


Urban Bar

SKU: UB3004

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Hark back to the golden age of mixology with the Retro Fizzio Coupe Glass. This elegant cocktail glass includes a wide, flat-base bowl mounted on a straight stem. Made from lead-free crystal, the Fizzio Coupe boasts a high level of transparency. This helps to accentuate the contents of the glass, making it a perfect pedestal to display your drinks. Whether serving champagne, or cocktails, this shallow glass offers a unique presentation space.

Product Features:

  • Vintage coupe glass
  • Lead-free crystal
  • High transparency
  • Serve champagne or cocktails
  • Dishwasher safe - see our Crystal Glass Care Guide for more information

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